ABOUT The healthy frys

Welcome! We’re the Healthy Frys, a pair of siblings obsessed with all things fitness and fun! 

Sara’s home base is Los Angeles, where she lives three miles from the beach and works in advertising. Sara has a scruffy mutt named Luna Lovegood, who has a blonde mohawk and sometimes resembles Yoda or that creature from The Never Ending Story.

Adam calls Washington, D.C. home, where he owns two awesome bars that you should totally visit after a particularly sweaty workout. Adam’s favorite dogs are blue pitbulls with kind eyes.

To go along with our super fun Instagram pics, here on this site you’ll find workouts (#FitFRYdays & #TrainerJudyTuesdays), healthy recipes (#StarvingSundays), outdoor adventures with Luna Lovegood, and so much more!

See something you like? Want to contribute? Send us a note! We’d love to hear from you.